The Official Website of Dense Fear 1 & 2 has now been updated!!!! 25th April 2015
It's been a while since i have updated the website, but was recently surprised to see it still been very active with quite a few visitors checking in daily!
There's still some work to do, but a lot of the content has been updated and of course, i  will have new information about the DVD release very soon!!
Thanks for your interest and support in our films and thank you for dropping by our website.
Tony Gardner

Dense Fear II Bloodline Premiere

Since  the Local and
online Premiere of Dense Fear Bloodline we have had a great response from the public.

Our Local Premiere went down a storm and we ended up with an unexpected full house.
(Pictured above)  my dad Neil Bain and the main  cast of Dense Fear II Bloodline, Dax Newsome Myself Tony Gardner, Michael Mcdermott, Alan Clennell, William Bain .

After the Premiere we had a mention in the Local newspaper and visitors to this website haD risen quite a bit i'm pleased to say.

We then had our Online Premiere which also had a fantastic response.
All in all we had two very amazing nights that i shall never forget, it was well worth the five years of work for that alone.

I'm also happy to announce that i'm currently working on the Dvd which will be available To buy on this site very soon.

The Dvd will be a double disk packed with special features including the official music video to the movie  and sung by Hayley Morrison.
Also featuring on the disk will be storyboards, a behind the scenes documentary, blooper reel, trailers, deleted scenes and a Special fx featurette.
Thank you again to everyone so far for your support, it means a lot
Tony Gardner.

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