Welcome to the Official Dense Fear II website  .

In the year 2000 me and a bunch of friends decided to make a Home made horror movie using my Camcorder,

this was something i had dreamed of doing since been a kid.

Our Film was named "Dense Fear" which is a 51 minute Werewolf flick, I loved Werewolf movies and my personal favorite had to be "An American Werewolf in London" even to this day, that Transformation scene is still at the top of the list for just been, ...well totally breath taking.

Back in the year 2000, everyone including myself were all novices in acting and i was a self taught film maker, 

i just filmed the movie in a way i thought would work and a staggering three years later we finally completed it in 2003.

Since then we have produced a few short movies, in fact our second movie "Eleven Twenty" was the first one

of our Productions we entered into a film festival and we were actually  one of the

nominees for best under 35 minutes film.

Six years had passed since we first began filming Dense Fear and i can honestly say i had lost count of

how many people asked me to make a sequel to it as they really enjoyed the original.

At first i was just going to have a go doing other projects maybe a little bit of comedy, romance, and sci-fi flicks,

but this idea to a Dense Fear sequel just kept popping up in my head and i couldn't let it go without giving it a shot

so i had talked over with the Iron Angel Production team and we decided to make the sequel

DENSE FEAR II (Bloodline) which began production back in 2006

Finally in 2012 we completed our sequel and it went down a storm on Youtube.
With huge help from my good friend and Professional sfx Artist Mark Danbury, we were able to push the boundaries of extremely low budget film making to the extreme and come up with a good old fashion Practical FX Transformation scene which is a very rare thing to see in film these days since the trend of C.G.I. 

I have learned so much from making these two Werewolf movies, the Gothic Horror Genre has always been a favorite of mine.
Will i ever make another Dense Fear movie??......this is something i would love to do.
I still make movies on a no budget scale, but since Dense Fear II, i have upgraded my film equipment and also gained extra film making skills, all i can say is watch this space, because when it does happen it will be on a whole new level!! 

Tony Gardner (Founder of Iron Angel film productions 2015)