Paul Johnson

The character of Paul Johnson was for me, a great part to play,
it was Physical, but without much dialog.

Sort of reminded me of the John Rambo character in first blood.

This was a perfect place in the film for me as I was also Directing, and really all I had to worry

about was getting my stunts right rather than my lines.

Physically though it was very demanding I began weight training and boxing to try and get in the best shape I could possibly be in but, still after some film shoots I came away with a few bumps and sprains.

I will never forget how it felt to play this part again, I loved every minute of it.

Paul Johnson is a scared man who has just awoke to find

he has killed once again, he is confused and has no one on his side, his nightmare seems to get deeper

and deeper as he soon realises he is the main target to be hunted and killed.

Chief Inspector Ryan

The Role of Chief Inspector Ryan is played by Geoff Dunlavey who has had experience in TV acting including the long time running kids tv program Byker Grove.

Geoff  has also had experience in stage,and runs local drama groups.

After filming with him once, i knew he was perfect for the part. a great guy and a talented actor.

His role in the movie  

Ryan has just recently been promoted to Chief Inspector and is quite happy with his achievements to say the least,

but he is about to get Involved in a case that creates a thin line between reality and fiction.

His mind is blown away when he deals with his first case as chief Inspector to Paul Johnson's house

where the body of a young Psychologist Dr Sarah Sandla is found ripped to peaces,

Later as he looks deeper into the case, Ryan realizes there is Solid evidence that Werewolves do actually exists ,

His Fascination with this case carries him on to prove that the Legend of the Werewolf is true.

Check out the exclusive new Photo of our New main man.

Inspector Wendy Hale


After looking at a few actresses to play the part of Chief Inspector Ryan's side kick Wendy Hale, i finally got in contact with a very talented young actress called Michelle Bayly.

Michelle is a very motivated person and loves to keep herself busy in the entertainment side of things, even running her own film festivals

She recently Attended Cans Film Festival helping promote a film she was involved in "Zombie Women of Satan" which apparently went down a storm.

Michelle's screen presence is second to none, this girl can Act! and i was amazed at how versatile she was during scenes, she was perfect for the role of Wendy Hale.

Her Role in the Movie

Wendy Hale loves her work partner Ian Ryan and can't resist mocking him when she discovers he has been promoted to Chief  Inspector.

The Pair have worked on many cases in the past and Wendy knows Ryan inside out, she soon realises Ryan is on to something big, but is slightly Skepticle about his believe in Werewolves . 

Alan Marcel

Dense Fear II has a good variety of interesting characters, ranging from Police inspectors, forensics, war heroes, assassins, Zoologists, Paranormal investigators, phantom spirits, and of course the Werewolf. 

Each character is very different from each other some very serious and others quite comical as i thought injecting a little humor into the film would work a treat for the audience.

I would like to introduce you all to ..William Bain who plays the part of ...Alan Marcel

Alan Marcel is the man who controls this mission and who has been put in charge of these group of specialists,

He is a very strong willed and determined character who does not like failing.

Marcel served in the British army working his way up to Lieutenant and commanded in the Gulf war.

He was then later approached to work for M.I.5 to command this mission as they thought he would be the perfect man for the job with his Dedication and fearless attitude.

Marcel works by the rule book, if M.I.5 tell him to kill a man he would not hesitate, even if that meant his own men.

Marcel is Played by a cool friend and work buddy of mine Billy who also had a small part in our last movie Eleven Twenty.

To play the part as Marcel I have to say is a big test for Billy as he is nothing like his character in personality.
Marcel is very abrupt and Billy is quite a shy and timid person to know, so this was the ultimate test for our fellow actor. 

Dave Jackson

My next character is Dave Jackson who was a special forces commanding officer and served in the Gulf war.

Jackson is a very hardened veteran and has seen it all, blood guts and a lot of death, the idea of this mission does not scare him at all, in fact it is just another day in the office for him.

My good friend Dax who I used to work with offered to give this part a go, and he fits perfect, he moulded to this character so well.

Dax has to be one of the biggest characters I know, i mean honestly this guy is nuts! he has no fear so this seems to work great in front of camera, no matter who is watching it never effects his performance, he is a natural showman.

He also loves writing, and his big passions are writing poems, he is also currently writing a script for a future project of ours which hopefully should be in the making one day soon

Overall he is a complete nutter and great guy and i think he brings a lot to this film.



Peter Roberts

I would like to introduce you to our next character to star in Dense Fear II

He's another good friend of mine his name is Michael and he will be playing the character of Peter Roberts.

Roberts is an interesting character as he is a guy with military experience.

Five years previous he decided to leave the army and take on his hobby  full time as a Paranormal investigator.

Now the Government have chosen him to take Photographic evidence of their mission and also to be a part of the team  to hunt down and kill Paul.

Here are some Photos of Peter Roberts

img89/8971/peterrobertsuy9.jpg  img89/2480/mick1dz8.jpg 

img228/3412/mick3xq7.jpg  img228/9366/mick4ud8.jpg

Layla Price

Layla is the only female member of the team, but despite her age and her look,

she can be very deceiving as she is a highly skilled killing machine,

With  special training in hand to hand combat, she is also a handy crack shot with a rifle.


Layla is a very brave feisty carriages character who won't take any crap from anyone.

Again i have my good friend Ashleigh to play the part as Layla.


She has also acted in my movies before, so knows the way i film which makes things so much easier.


7img392/2720/laylapricevb2.jpg  img480/4756/laylashooting2so8.jpg



Lee Ford



The Character of Lee is Played by a good friend of mine "Alan" who stepped in late to play the part and he has done amazingly well and i must say he fits perfect for the character i needed.

The character of Lee Ford is a Cocky and some what arrogant guy from Scotland who was once a royal Bodyguard, he does posses a variety of skills too including a few good years in the British army where he learnt hand to hand combat and weapon skills.

Despite Alan been English and from the North East he manages to pull off a very convincing Scotish accent for his character of Lee.

It has been great working with him and i think he has a lot to offer with his acting abilities .





Sam Dylan

Professor Sam Dylan is an important character to our film as he brings some great one liners to the movie and also injects a slight bit humour to certain parts of the film which I feel should be important to keep the audience interested, even in the most serious and goriest films there?s nothing like the odd little chuckle thrown in there.

Dylan was part of the team hired by M.I.5 to hunt down and kill Paul.

Along with his profession as a Zoologist and Animal Behaviour expert, Dylan also served in the British Army and holds great weapon skills

He is quite a clingy character and likes to be partnered up with someone else rather than be out there on his own, His Humour and bad jokes also prove to be a little over powering for his fellow soldiers.

The character of Sam Dylan is Played by my good friend and work buddy Mark who in real life is a lot like his character and is always telling us jokes, so when I cast mark for the part I knew he would fit great into the character and wouldn't have to make major changes from been.......well himself really .

He's a great guy to work with and to know and I look forward to filming with him every time.