Dense Fear

The original Dense Fear story actually came from five ideas I had rolled into one.

It was also going to be set in early nineteenth century and was revolved

around a farmer who?s eight year old son had been attacked from a Lycanthrope,

one year on, the Son began to feel major changes to himself and began attacking the locals ,

this triggered off a string of Werewolves terrifying the Neighborhood .

The idea for it was great but the fact it was set back in time would have been a big challenge as we

had no money and old fashioned cloths would have been impossible to purchase.

The completed Dense Fear Movie is about three friends Paul, Billy and Dave who head off one weekend for a

camping break into the deep woods.

Things soon come clear that something has followed them and is watching them.

That night they are attacked from a Werewolf and Paul is the only survivor, but there is a price to pay one year later

as Paul begins to feel the effect of his body and mind transform as he had suffered an injury in the attack.

Now Paul only has one person to turn to for help and that is his psychologist Dr. Sarah Sandla.
Sandla is a typical Psychologist and is very much skeptical about Paul?s crazy stories of becoming a Werewolf.

It is up to Paul to convince her his nightmares are real.

Dense Fear II

The story behind this sequel has basically followed straight on from the last movie with Paul now in

human form and on the run from the Law after brutally killing his long time Phycologist DR. Sarah Sandla.

On the murder case is Chief Inspector Ryan who gets hold of Paul's medical file and looks into his

crazy past stories about becoming a Werewolf.

Inspector Ryan begins to get suspicious that they may be some truth in Paul's past and is set to look deeper

in to this case, but he is stopped early in his tracks after receiving a phone call from M.I.5 insisting they will

take the case over from that point.

Angry and without answers Ryan decides to sneak in on this Government cover up and see what is really happening.

He is later surprised to find a special team of assassins sent into the Dense woodland to

hunt down a kill Paul before his cursed bloodline is spread.

But things aren't about to go according to plan as when the moon rises and is full, these

 hunters will become the hunted. 

The Dense Fear Werewolf cycle

Our Werewolves change minutes after they are bit, into a sort of wolf man type creature.

Once they are bit, every full moon they will evolve that little bit more gradually turning more wolf like at every full moon.

By the Twelth Moon they are classed as a fully grown Adult Lycan.

Their strengths are:

: Been able to run on all fours at extreme speeds

: Extremely good sense of smell

: Great eye sight able to pick up movement in dark places

: Large claws and teeth, great for slicing up human flesh with one powerful strike

: Very powerful arms and legs, equivalent strength of around five men


: Silver Bullets

: Can be killed with a Bullet direct to the brain

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