The WereWolf

Since the first Dense Fear film, the Werewolf has been through a major make over, probably one of the main differences is it's overal size.

In the first movie i had the Werewolf standing on all fours sort of in the style of John Landis's (An American Werwolf in London)



(Above) is a  still of the Werewolf used in Dense Fear,  you will probably notice how lame the Werewolf actually looks without the right lighting, I've only just really learned how important lighting can be and it can have a huge effect on the atmosphere of your film.

And in the end picture (Below)  this is the actual suit used in the movie, during wearing the suit on set i couldn't see a thing as it had no eye holes and my head was set further back into the suit to give the Wolf a sort of hunched up and more powerful look, it was very hot and very hard to work with.

For the Attack scenes where the Werewolf had to bite down and move it's mouth and head a lot, we  Puppeteered the Wolf rather than have someone in the suit as it would of restricted a lot of movement.

Dr Dr there's a Werewolf in my Living Room   


img87/9729/werewolf1wp2.jpg img87/1986/werewolf2ti5.jpg

Here is an early tester shot i took of the Werewolf in my Living room just before filming the first scenes

Dense Fear II Werewolf

The Dense Fear II Werewolf has a total different look.

First of all i have this Werewolf walking on two legs as i thought it would look a whole lot better for chase scenes.

Secondly i have made it a lot more Bigger and more muscular looking, it stands at around 7 FT tall.

For the costume, we have made stilts for the actor to walk in who will take over my part as the fully transformed Werewolf 

The main idea for the stilts was to give the Werewolf a more Wolf like shaped leg and with the extra height i thought it would come across a lot more intimidating.

Going back to what i was talking about earlier regarding using the correct type of lighting for your shots, i thought in the second movie i would use a lot of shadowed and silhouetted shots of the Werewolf like this scene below.



Here is a more recent Photo of the actual werewolf Featured in Dense Fear2